Thursday, February 16, 2012

Peanut Choco Rocks

Last week our house was getting repainted and I was not too much into cooking. Recently my brother bought me loads of dark and white cooking chocolates and along with the house painting, I thought of preparing some easy stuff with those chocolates, before the kitchen got messier with the painting work.

I was in search of chocolate recipes and I stumbled upon this really simple and easy preparation. This can be prepared with just 2 ingredients that are very common and handy. Even a small kid can make this with the help of an adult to melt the chocolate.

In the original recipe which I saw, the chef adds all kinds of nuts. But as I am very fond of peanuts, I added only those. In general I love adding peanuts in certain desserts like the hot chocolate fudge (which is my most favorite ice cream).

This preparation is ideal for a gift. Taking a bite into the melted chocolate along with the crunchiness of peanuts is just amazing.
  1. Dark Chocolate- 250gms
  2. White chocolate- 250gms
  3. Peanuts- 3cups (1 ½ cups for each chocolate)
  1. Roast the peanuts in a skillet, remove the skin when cooled and keep it aside.
  2. Melt the dark chocolate in a double boiler. when it is fully melted add the roasted peanuts and mix well till all the peanuts are coated with chocolate.
  3. On a parchment paper, drop one scoop of the peanut- chocolate mixture. Repeat till mixture gets finished.
  4. Keep this in refrigerator for 4- 5 hours or till it is well set.
  5. Repeat the same above process for the white chocolate and enjoy the choco rocks when needed.

  • We can add any type of nuts like the almonds, walnuts, cashews and so on. We can also use marsh mellows instead of nuts.


  1. so simple but so sweet recipe....yum

  2. Cute little rocks :). Thx for linking to my event.

    Event: Sweet Luv
    Event: Strawberries

  3. Looks yummy :-)

    Aparna from Square Meals

  4. Nice name. Yummy snacks...reminds me of my mom, she used to make jar full of them often and it would get over in days :). But I have never tried the one with white chocolate.

  5. hi zareena, the chocs look so nice and delicious. have a nice day. great pics

  6. so simple and yummy, nice can link it to my Just 4 Fun event if you wish..

    Join the Just "4" Fun event :)

  7. Simply amazing! Feel like grabbing one ;) Thanks for sharing with my event & i'm so glad to follow you!


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