Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Haritha's Stuffed Brinjal Roast/ Vankaya Kaaram Koora

Today's post is a dish made with brinjals. A very popular dish  from Andhra. My friend Haritha, who has a YouTube channel in the name of "Haritha's Home and Kitchen" made this dish when we had a get together at my place. She is an amazing cook and you can visit her channel which has lots of cooking videos and authentic recipes. 

I love brinjals but you all might know by now that my husband doesn't like brinjal and so ones in a blue moon I will be making brinjal dishes. As my friend knows about this, she made the delicious roast just for me.

This is a simple dish with minimum ingredients. My mom prepares amazing Andhra dishes, the most famous one is gutti vankaya koora/ Stuffed brinjal curry. In this dish, you have to grind the masala and stuff it in brinjal and roast till done. Within minutes yummy brinjal roast will be ready. Please try this dish and let me know.


  • Brinjal- 7-8
  • Oil- 2tbsp


  1. Grated Coconut- 1Cup
  2. Cumin Seeds- 2tbsp
  3. Red Chili Powder- 3tbsp
  4. Garlic Cloves-4
  5. Salt- as required


  1. Cut the brinjal length wise keeping the stem intact. Immerse them in water for 5- 10 minutes. 
  2. Grind the masala to a paste. Stuff this masala in brinjal. Repeat with all the brinjals till done.
  3. Heat a deep bottomed vessel and pour oil, when it becomes hot, add the stuffed brinjals and mix well. Stir well till everything is mixed and the brinjals become soft and tender. Enjoy with hot rice.

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