Monday, September 8, 2014

Kerala Olan- Onam Special..

Happy Onam…..

Sadhya is an essential part of Onam. But having an Onam sadhya in a Bangalore restaurant is a very tedious procedure like reservations, queues, waiting and so on … Once for an Onam, we went to have sadhya in a Kerala restaurant, but after seeing the long queue, all our excitement was lost and on that day, finally we ended up having an italian lunch. Can you imagine italian food on a Onam day... :)

From that time on, we decided not to venture out on Onam days and I try to prepare atleast 8- 9 dishes at home. This time I was not sure how many dishes I will be able to manage and so I started off preparing from the day before Onam, cutting vegetables, cooking, cooling and storing them in refrigerator for the next day so that it will easy for me to prepare the dishes on Onam day. Finally I managed to prepare 7 main dishes … not bad huh ? ..:-)

One of the main dishes in sadhya is this Olan, which is quite easy to make and can be prepared within minutes and is extremely tasty. Olan is one of the main dishes in Kerala sadhya which tastes delicious with the nice fragrance of coconut oil.

  1. Ash Gourd- 1 Cup (cubed)
  2. Yellow pumpkin- 1 Cup (cubed)
  3. Coconut Milk- ¾ Cup (thin Milk) and ¼ Cup (thick Milk)
  4. Cow pea Beans- ¼ Cup
  5. Green Chillies-2 nos
  6. Curry Leaves- few
  7. Coconut oil- 2 tbsp
  8. Salt- as per taste

  1. Pressure cook the cowpea beans till they get cooked properly.
  2. Boil the ash gourd, yellow pumpkin, slit green chillies in little water. Add required amount of salt.
  3. When this gets cooked well add the pressure cooked beans,thin coconut milk and salt. Let it boil for few minutes.
  4. Lower the flame and add the thick coconut milk. Switch off the flame and add the coconut oil and curry leaves.


  1. Belated happy Onam to you. The Kerala olan looks so comforting and mouthwatering.

  2. yummy and mouthwatering dish....

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