Friday, February 18, 2011

Orange and ginger Juice

You might have noticed that till now I haven’t posted any juice recipes in my blog. That's because we usually don't make juice at home. We use the canned fruit crush to prepare the juice. This time I thought of trying some new juice recipes, just for my blog :-)
I have bought lemon ginger concentrate several times and we all like it. So I thought of trying the same with slight modifications in house. Thats how I decided to make orange ginger combination and it tasted really good. But only thing we have to take care is that after squeezing the orange we must serve it immediately, otherwise the juice will become bitter. So its better to make it when you want it.


  1. Oranges- 4nos
  2. Ginger (grated)- 1tbsp
  3. Sugar- depends upon how sweet the orange is / you can add honey.
  1. Grated ginger is mashed in a mortar and press with your fingers to extract juice. Keep it in a small bowl.
  2. Cut the orange into half, remove the seeds and squeeze it by hand. It is best to use an electric juicer, as you will get more juice but make sure that the seeds are removed completely.
  3. Pour this orange juice into a serving glass, add 1tsp of ginger extract and add sugar as required and serve.

I am sending this to Juice recipes hosted by Sameena.


  1. This is awesome combo,such a flavorful drink and love the clicks,very tempting!

  2. Looks refreshing. I've never used ginger with orange, gotta try it!

  3. Hi Zareena,

    That's a lovely juice...Thanx for linking dear...I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee that picture!!:)


  4. Hi Ayeesha, Raji, Nash and Sameena,
    Thanks all for your lovely comments.

  5. love d healthy combo...sounds very refreshing dear..
    Tasty appetite

  6. @ Sarah: Its great that I am getting comments on my clicks from a best food photographer :)

  7. Hey this is yummy....First time got a lovely space...following you..


  8. Great combo and looks refreshing!


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