Thursday, March 24, 2011

Congratulations India for an amazing win today...

There you go.. India has beaten Australia in a WC quarter finals.  Awesome display of talent. Win is much more sweeter since it is the mighty Australians on the receiving end. Now lets wait for the semi final against Pakistan.

Congrats to Indian team.. especially, Sachin, Yuvraj and Raina for the wonderful show they put up today.

Congrats again to the Sachin for completing 18000 runs in ODIs. Amazing achievement !!

Now just two matches away from bringing back the WC 2011 back home. !!!


  1. Yeh zareena that was a super game against Australia...

  2. Eventhough the wickets drop made me worried..Finally Yuvraj and Raina slid well under hgh pressure. Now waitin for the big match of our country vs Pakisthan which is equaly socially influential also.

  3. Ha ha. now this is a cute post on a food blog :) Yupeeeeeeeeee I'm super happy and damn proud of our team :) We literally rocked the field today :)

  4. YAy Yay- I was watching the action ball by ball sitting on the edge of my seat :))

    US Masala

  5. Yeah Reshmi, that was an excellent match.. :)
    Neenu, I am also waiting for the exciting match of our country with Pak. Our guys rock..
    Hey Nithya, I couldn't hide my excitation so quickly posted the victory in a food blog..:)
    Aipi, I was so tensed while watching the match and at last we won..


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