Monday, August 19, 2013

Guest Post- Healthy home cooking recipe ideas for busy mothers by Danielle McAnn

In my first ever guest post, I would like to introduce you to Danielle McAnn. She lives in Australia and is currently working with She has send this beautiful post on "Healthy home cooking recipe ideas for busy mothers". Hope you all enjoy reading this...

Making healthy meals for your family can be a real task when you are a busy mum, not to mention the hassle in trying to get your kids to eat healthy meals, the secret, don’t mention the “h” word! To help you organise some healthy eating recipes for your family, we have provided a few tips for you to include in your families daily meals, and your kids won’t even realise they are eating super healthy!

Chicken is the perfect meat to serve your kids, it’s lean and high in protein which is great for growing bones, and it is also really versatile so your family can enjoy it in so many ways. Your kids will enjoy it grilled, marinated in a delicious sauce, or you can wrap some chicken breast around some delicious stuffing and bake it, serving with some winter vegetables. Another favourite is chicken skewers, let your kids pick the chicken pieces off the skewer and dip them in a dipping sauce. However you choose to cook it, it is guaranteed to be a favourite in your home!

Veggies are obviously very good for you, but they are one of the hardest things to get your kids to eat. Broccoli is full of the good stuff but kids are usually scared of green things. The solution? Serve them long broccoli, keep them crisp but not hard, and serve them with a sauce so they can eat them like chips, they will love it! Potatoes are also a favourite, but the nutrients are stored in the skin, so we advise making some jacket potatoes. Stuff them with bacon or ham, beans, cheese, avocado, mix it up with some healthy favourites so your kids get all the benefits of the potato as well as all the added vegetables.

Red meat is a pretty divisive among kids, they will either love it or hate it. One of the best ways to get around this is to incorporate mince into your meals and see how they go. Spaghetti Bolognese is a great family favourite, so is shepherds pie. Like the chicken skewers, you could try the beef version which is sure to be a hit or try your hand a making a delicious roast lamb. Kids love to eat things with sauce, if they can dip their food in something they are all for it, so carrots and broccoli on the side of roast lamb should have them eating happy and healthy.

Making a healthy meal for your family doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom, it’s actually really easy to make a delicious looking and tasting meal that even the fussiest eaters will enjoy. And for all those times when busy become BUSY, you can ask Tender Loving Meals to help you out with some healthy meal options.

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