Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Thirattupaal/ Thickened Milk Sweet

When we were in india, saw a cookery show in which they prepared this milk based dessert which is a very popular sweet in Tamil Nadu. When we went to Chennai, I wanted to try this popular sweet from the shop which they showed in the cookery show. But couldn’t make it and we returned back.  

I never thought that this would be so easy to make till I stumbled upon Kannamma’s Blog which is full of traditional Tamil Nadu recipes and thought of giving it a try. Only time consuming part is of continuously stirring the milk till it thickens. Using two ingredients we can prepare a mouthwatering dessert that would be loved by all. Make sure that the jaggery is added only when the milk thickens or else it will curdle.

This is usually sold wrapped in tiny packets. In some Tamil marriages, this is distributed among the guests. A very luscious and scrumptious dessert, but can be had little at a time as it is very filling.
Adapted from Kannamma Cooks:
  1. Whole Milk- 2 ½ Cups
  2. Jaggery- ¼ Cup

  1. Pour milk in a deep bottomed pan and on a medium flame stir using a wooden spoon continuously. Reduce the flame, if the milk starts foaming. Keep scraping the sides while stirring.
  2. After about 20-25 minutes, the milk gets reduced and thickens. When it resembles a creamy texture, add the powdered jaggery.
  3. Lower the flame and stir well for about 5 minutes and thickens. Switch off the flame and mix well. It will resemble a sandy texture. Grease a steel plate with ghee and spread the above made mixture evenly using a spoon. Cut into desired shape and serve when cooled.


  1. Sounds really simple to make, would love to try it out.

    1. It is really very simple and easy to make. Try this out and you will definitely love this.

  2. Oh thats so cool only two ingrediants. What can i use if i dont have jaggery.

    1. Nammi, if not jaggery, you can add sugar. It is called as paalkova a sweet which we get in everywhere Indian sweet shops.


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