Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Chai Patty- Back to college canteen...

Its been quite some time since I wanted to start writing about some amazing places which we have been visiting in search of good food. We visited several places over the past year, but never got a chance to start writing.

It was by accident that we saw this small tea shop in Indiranagar called Chai Patty. We were in fact early for doctor’s appointment and we thought of just going to this tea shop and see what they have. The view inside was just superb and just  by the look of it we decided to have at least a tea over there. The shop in general is quite open and done beautifully with the book shelves and the impromptu seating arrangements. 

It gave us all the ambience of an old time college canteen. There is a reading section too with a reasonable variety of books for book lovers. The racks decorated with lovely and colourful showpieces.

We decided to order a Kullad Chai and some hot and crispy potato bhajjis. The hot steaming kullad chai is just amazing. The masala chai was really soul-awakening. They also had various other pakodas- onions, potatoes, methi, paneer and so on. The corn churmur was so crunchy and crispy. We ended up eating a whole lot. There is a lot more to eat like the cheese balls, momos and the menu doesn’t stop there. It goes on and on and on...:)

I loved the place so much because of its atmosphere, music in the background, steaming snacks, service of the waiters and smiling faces and the general hospitality. Now it has become a must visit place for me whenever I visit Indiranagar.

Note: As the photos were taken at night and in a hurry, please bear with the poor quality of the snaps.


  1. never been to this place.. will try to visit it next time i go to Indira nagar :)

  2. Hmm.....you have been to Indira Nagar and not even called me....Gurrrrrrrrrrrr.......nice pics and place...thank u for the review....love to visit soon....

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  4. nice post..good one..


  5. Nice post and I loved the pictures a lot :)

  6. I don't see anything wrong with the pics! they look amazing...

  7. This sounds like a lovely place to visit.

  8. MMM I stayed in Indiranagar during the college years..! Memories..! I am hosting my first blog event plus giveaway - Valentines Special. Do check it out and be a part of it. Would be great..!

    My event- Valentines Day Special

  9. Thank you so much my dearies. Thanks for your encouragement. Sure Anzz, will try to send some posts soon.

  10. Thanks Zareena for the mention. Its lovely to find Chaipatty finding its way to your hearts. Keep blogging :)



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