Sunday, January 1, 2012

A journey down the memory lane ...

My wonderful journey in the blogging world started in 2010 and the past year has given me lots of confidence,  introduced me to many different cuisines around the world, improved my photography and presentation skills.

At the dawn of this new year, I thought of taking a peek back to the roads I have travelled in the past year or so. There were several occasions inspiring, tempting and some even forcing me to cook the various recipes I have been posting. It is difficult to list the top dishes in my blog, since every post has an effort in its backdrop and is very close to my heart.

I started this blog with a special interest in cake baking and desserts. I had a tryst with a variety of cake recipes, like the Blueberry cheese cake, Pannacotta and the most recent Rainbow cake. Each one of these cake recipes, though some of them common, have given me the unexplainable joy of seeing the cake made by me, right in front of my eyes.

During this time, I also had my own share of experiences with a wide range of other recipes like Haleem, Fish Reshad and Thalaserry biriyani

All these dishes have been in my wish list to atleast enjoy some day at some place. But now I have these recipes cooked in my own kitchen and posted in my own space. I cant ask for anything more …

I was always low on confidence to prepare any kind of desserts. The reason being that I believe a bad dessert can totally spoil the party, regardless of how splendid the meal has been :-) This being the challenge, I started preparing some very light desserts at home and kept those to myself and my Husband, till I got satisfactory comments before serving to others. With this inspiration, I ventured into some very interesting desserts like Ranginak, Gul-e-Firdaus, Unnakkaya,  Malpua and so on. I still owe my Husband, the home-made Baklawa ..:-)

Most of my cooking has been revolving around how I can lure my cutie to eat something by making it more visually appealing.

I would like to thank all of my well-wishers who have been encouraging and supporting me, which is my motivation to do more and more experiments with my cooking. I also request all the readers of my blog to continue their support, love and warmth in the coming years as well.

Wish all of you fun-filled yummylicious days ahead.


  1. nice post...quite fitting for a wonderful year past and a great new year ahead...

  2. Freat to see these wonderful recipes in past one year. Hope the year 2012 is a great and prosperous year for you.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  3. nice recipes...looking forward to lots of new recipes this year

  4. This is indeed a yummy recap.Happy 2012.

  5. Wish u many more fun moments to come...Happy new year 2012

  6. Happy New Year...........lovely post

  7. Yummy recap of the past year! Wish more delicious treat from you .....

  8. Happy new year wishes to u and ur family..Wat a lovely and wonderful recap..

  9. Oh Yumm roundup 2011.Happy and delish New Year 2012 too!

  10. Yummy n lovely recap..
    Happy New Year to you too !!
    Erivum Puliyum

  11. wow...lovely post Zareena..
    you surely rock..
    wishing you a fantastic 2012 too..;)
    Tasty Appetite

  12. Happy new year :) Here's to many more years of awesome recipes from you!

  13. happy new year Zareena! mouthwatering dishes last year and we look forward to many more this year :)


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