Monday, December 4, 2017

Quinoa & Egg Salad

A healthy and nutritious salad a day keeps the guilt away, that is what I believe. Most of the days I like to have salad and I will be searching for a different variety of salads. Till now I have made salads using grilled chicken, fish but never made an egg salad.

This simple and healthy salad is made out of very fewer ingredients. This salad consists of all of my favorite ingredients which are boiled and mixed together.

These salads are filling, low- cal and a great way to satisfy your daily requirements. We can have this salad any time of the day. The nutty quinoa goes very well with soft eggs. I hope you all would like this.
  1. Eggs- 3-4 nos
  2. Quinoa- ¼ Cup
  3. Broccoli- 1 Cup
  4. Spinach- ½ Cup
  5. Capsicum- ½ no
  6. Olives- 6- 7 nos (optional)
  7. Salt- as required
  8. Pepper- 1 Tsp
  9. Avocados- 1 no
  10. Boiled Corn- ½ Cup

  1. Boil the eggs till done. Remove the shell and 2 eggs cut in half and the remaining eggs remove the yolks and cut into quarters.
  2. Cook the quinoa till done. Boil the broccoli and capsicum by adding little water. Wash, drain and slice the spinach to pieces.
  3. In a bowl mix everything together slowly, add the sliced avocados and enjoy a healthy salad.

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