Saturday, December 30, 2017

Recap Thru 2017....

Nearly 8 years into blogging and publishing a new recipe still gives me the tingles. This blog is, in fact, my stress reliever. I got many friends through blogging and got to know about many new recipes and ingredients and cooking methods. I like when some of my friends tell me that they read the whole post and tried my recipes, which to me, means my efforts are not going waste. I will be eagerly waiting for all the lovely comments after each post.

As 2017 is going to end, I am really thankful to each one of you. Thank you for all your support and suggestions and encouragement. This year I have tried so many different varieties of dishes some of which I shared with my dear friends. Their responses give me immense pleasure, joy, and encouragement.

Every single recipe that I tried and posted on my blog in the year 2017 is dear to me, but I have selected one recipe from each month which is popular and easy to make...

January- Kerala Style Deep Fried Masala Papad/ Pappada Boli
This is my childhood favorite snack. When we visited our native Kerala, we used to eat this a lot. We can see these boli, in almost all the tea shops. Our family favorite snack.

February- Ferrero Rocher Cake
This cake is our anniversary cake. I tried baking this for the first time and which came out super moist and soft. This is a perfect cake which can be made for any occasion.

March- Lamingtons
Lamingtons are an Australian dessert. I made this for my daughter's school project, where she choose Australia and she has to bring one delicacy of that country. I loved making them and enjoyed eating them.

April- Peas Kachori
April is the month where I have posted all snack items and among them, this pea Kachori is the snack which I tried for the first time. This is a perfect snack as well as a breakfast item.

May- Lego Cake
This month is one of the favorite months as it's my daughter's birthday. 5 months before her birthday there will be lots of planning about her cake, then the decorations. This time everything was handmade by yours truly. The wall decorations, the cake even the legos on he cake are handmade.

June- Orange Marmalade
Orange marmalade is mine and my dad's favorite jam. As a father's day post, I posted the recipe of orange marmalade. This is my favorite post in the month of June.

July- Swedish Chokladbollar
I fell in love with this Swedish delicacy when I went to IKEA. This chokladbollar is everywhere in IKEA and I searched for the recipe and tried this amazing dessert. Kids will love this coconut covered chocolate balls.

August- Homemade Ghee
I grew up watching my mom cook different cuisines which were so tasty and the flavors are still lingering on my tongue. One of the main things mom used to make at home is this clarified butter. Daily she used to take out the cream from the boiled milk and stored in the refrigerator. Once the vessel fills with milk cream she would blend it well till it forms butter and which she melts till it becomes ghee/ clarified butter. The aroma of the fried butter is to die for. As I am a very lazy person, I started making clarified butter using store bought butter packets. They don't taste like mom's handmade, but not bad.

September- Nalli Nihari
I tasted this dish when I was in Bangalore. This dish is cooked exactly for about 24 hours and the mutton pieces are mixed well with the spices and cooked to perfection. I made this in a pressure cooker with all the spices and masala which came out delicious.

October- Shahi Falooda
Falooda is a cold dessert popular in India. It is made from mixing rose syrup, falooda sev, basil seeds and ice cream in between filled with chopped nuts. I made the rose syrup at home and after some days I made the falooda which I was longing for. A must-have during summer.

November- Fish Biryani
November was my blog's 8 th anniversary and the best way to celebrate is with a biryani. I ate fish biryani before but never got a chance to post it on my blog and this was the best time to post the recipe.

December- Quinoa and Egg Salad
After all the festive delicacies, a healthy salad is what everybody needs and here is a healthy salad using quinoa and egg. A perfect way to induce all proteins and nutrients.

Hope you all will enjoy my today's quick recap of 2017...


  1. It is an amazing effort from you and we all enjoyed all your recipes this wishing you all the best for many more. Eagerly awaited

  2. Beautiful collection of the best shared...

    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment Rafee...


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