Monday, January 24, 2011

Makar Sankranthi Sweets: Sesame seeds laddoo and Puffed Rice laddoo

Makar Sankranthi is celebrated in India as a harvest festival. This festival is celebrated with great zest in all parts of India and each state has its own ways of celebration.

                                           “ til gul ghya, god god bola”

This is what my friend wished me on Sankranthi day, which means “eat sweet and speak sweet words”. The other day I asked her to send me the photos of the sweets which she made for Sankranthi, so that I could post them on my blog. It was so nice of her that she remembered to get me the photos in spite of the celebrations.

The whole day before Sankranthi, she was busy making sweets and all the other festive treats. We also got to taste all these sweets right out of her kitchen and they tasted really yummy. I also found out that she has some great recipes in her collection and I would soon be posting them here J .

Tilache ladoo / Sesame seeds Laddoo:

  1. White sesame seeds- 1cup
  2. Jaggery- 1cup
  3. Roasted Peanuts- ½ cup
  4. Ghee- ¼ cup
  1. Roast the sesame seeds and peanuts separately and keep it aside to cool. Skin the peanuts and crush them lightly.
  2. Heat the ghee in a vessel, when it is hot add the jaggery.
  3. The jaggery will melt and it will start to foam and froth. Remove the vessel from flame and add the roasted sesame seeds and peanuts. Mix and stir well.
  4. Using a little ghee to coat your hands, make small balls of 1 inch diameter with all the warm mixture.
  5. Store it in an air tight container. Will stay for a long period.

Kurmure Laddoo / Puffed rice Laddoo:

  1. Puffed rice / Kurmure- 2cups
  2. Jaggery- 1cup
  3. Ghee- 1tbsp
  1. Roast the puffed rice lightly.
  2. Heat ghee in a vessel and add jaggery till it melts and bubbling.
  3. Now add the roasted puffed rice and mix in quickly.
  4. Take the mixture off the flame and mix well till the puffed rice is well coated with jaggery.
  5. Rub your palms with little ghee. While the mixture is still hot, take a handful of the mixture and shape it into a perfect round ball.
  6. Do the same process for the remaining mixture.
  7. The number of laddoos will depend upon the amount of mixture you take.
  8. Store these in an air tight container.

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