Friday, January 7, 2011

Wheat/Godhamb Dosa with Spicy Onion Chutney (Easy Breakfast Dish)

This one I learnt after I got married. In my in-laws house this dosa is made as evening time tiffin along with chutney. My FIL likes this dosa a lot, so is his son (my Husband). At my home this is made very rarely.
Crispy wheat dosa with spicy onion chutney is a great combination. As this dosa doesn’t require the batter to be fermented or ground in a wet grinder, this can be made quickly at any time as breakfast or dinner. This dosa is really soft and melt in your mouth type. Nowadays whenever I feel lazy, I prepare this dosa for dinner instead of chapathis and we eat this with any curry made for rice.

For Wheat Dosa

  1. Whole wheat flour- 2cups
  2. Salt- as per taste
  3. Water- to mix the flour

  1. Mix the above wheat flour and salt along with water in a bowl.
  2. Use an electric blender to mix the batter for a smooth consistency. We can mix this with hand also. Make sure that the batter is lump free.
  3.  Water should be added enough to make a thin batter than a normal dosa batter.
  4. Heat the tava and pour the batter with a spoon and make circles like a regular dosa.
  5. Cook both sides till it turns golden brown. If we want we can use oil on edges of the dosa.
  6. It takes a bit longer time to cook than regular dosa.

Onion Chutney

  1. Shallots- 9-10 nos
  2. Red chilly powder- 2tsp
  3. Salt- as required
  4. Coconut Oil-1tbsp

  1. Grind onions coarsely. Put this in a bowl and add the red chilli powder, salt along with coconut oil and mix well.

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