Sunday, January 16, 2011

Qubani Ka Meeta / Dry Apricot Dessert

Qubani ka meeta is a dessert, originally from Hyderabad, India. Sumptuous feast in Hyderabadi weddings is incomplete without this dessert. Qubani in Urdu means, Apricot. It is prepared with dry apricots. This can be served along with fresh cream or with vanilla ice cream.

My s-i-l is a good cook. Once over phone, she mentioned about this dessert, which she cooked when my brother’s friends were coming home for lunch. She prepared this dessert for the first time and it came out well. So I thought of giving it a try myself. 

We used to eat this very often during our stay in various parts of Andhra. 

  1. Dry apricots- 200gms
  2. Sugar- 60gms
  3. Water- to boil the apricots
  4. Fresh cream- 50ml

  1. Boil the apricots in water till it turns soft and remove the seeds.
  2. Mash the apricots and pass the mixture through a strainer to remove fibre.
  3. Add sugar to the apricot pulp and cook till the mixture thickens and become bubbly.
  4. Allow the mixture to cool.
  5. Garnish with almonds and serve it with cream.
  6. I served this with almonds and vanilla ice cream.


  1. Hey zareena never seen this type of sweet with apricot gud i will try it...

  2. Hi harika, try this dessert and let me know. I am sure you will definitely love it.:-)

  3. I love this meetha along with Amul vanilla ice cream. Looks fantastic.

  4. Thank you soo much Mona, I also love this a lot :)


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