Friday, December 3, 2010

Double Ka Meeta

Somewhere down my memory, I have a flash of this recipe. I always  wanted to try this out, but I was not sure how the final product will be. At last I took the decision of trying this dish with the help from my mom. And the final product was ....awesome.

Double ka meeta is a popular dessert in Hyderabad cuisine. It is similar to "shahi tukda" which is more rich and heavier kind of this dish. This dish is served in weddings and parties as dessert. I remember  as a kid, I used to finish my dessert first and then fight with my brothers for more..:-)

  1. Bread- 1loaf
  2. Ghee- 250gms
  3. Cardamom (powdered)- 5nos
  4. Milk- 1/2ltr
  5. Sugar- 1/2cup
  6. water-1/2cup
  7. Saffron threads- a pinch
  8. Cashewnuts (chopped)- 100gms
  9. Almonds (chopped)- 100gms
  10. Pistachios (chopped)- 100gms
  1. Fry cashews, pistachios and almonds in ghee.
  2. Remove the edges of the bread and cut diagonally into two and leave it open for 2hrs and get rid of the moisture. Fry the slices in ghee till golden brown.
  3. Make sugar syrup by adding water to sugar,  add cardamom  powder and saffron threads to this. Boil it for 15 minutes.
  4. Boil 1/2 ltr milk and let it cook till it has reduced to half its original quantity.
  5. Now arrange the fried bread pieces on a flat tray. Now gently pour the prepared sugar syrup and the reduced milk on to it.Garnish with fried nuts on top.
  6. Keep the dish aside for 2-3 hours, until it has completly cooled down and the bread has almost absorbed all the milk. Refrigerate it for a while and serve it chilled.
  7. It can be served warm or some prefer it chilled, it is up to ones own liking. 


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